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Snoring Office Procedures

At GNO Snoring and Sinus of New Orleans, Louisiana, we offer the following in-office procedures for Snoring relief.

Inferior Turbinate Reduction

Reduces the size of the turbinates in order to improve nasal airflow and reduce open mouth breathing at night – thereby reducing the sound of snoring.


Removes excess tissue from the soft palate in order to reduce the vibration of an elongated palate and reduce the sound of snoring.

Pillar Procedure

Places implants into the soft palate tissue which stiffen the palate over time, reducing the vibration of the palate and decreasing the sound of a snore.

Base of Tongue Reduction

Uses RFA technology to induce scar tissue at the base of tongue region.  This reduces the tendency of the tongue to vibrate against the back wall of the throat.


Removes an elongated or widened uvula in order to reduce vibrations of this structure and decrease snoring.