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Nasal Polyps Office Procedures

At GNO Snoring and Sinus of New Orleans, Louisiana, we offer the following in-office procedures for Nasal Polyp relief.

Allergy Testing

Allergy testing is an important part of the workup for nasal polyps, as many patients with nasal polyps suffer from significant allergy. Testing can be done as either skin tests or as blood tests.

Dupixent Injection

Dupixent®(dupilumab), is an FDA approved biologic injection medication that is primarily used on patients that have undergone prior surgeries yet have had their polyps recur, or on patients that have nasal polyps not responsive to various medications.

Steroid Implants

Steroid sinus implants are designed for those patients who have had prior sinus surgery. Within the implant is a steroid that eludes over time, reducing the inflammation, scarring, and polyps in the sinuses.

Sinus Surgery(FESS)

Removes polyps that are impairing adequate sinus drainage, thereby improving sinus drainage and restoring proper sinus ventilation.  This aims to reduce sinus pressure and the frequency and severity of future infections.

Hybrid Balloon Sinuplasty

Patients suffering from chronic sinusitis with minimal ethmoid polyp disease not responsive to medications may benefit from a unique combination of balloon sinuplasty and sinus surgery techniques.

Image Guided Sinus Surgery

Reserved for patients with extensive polyp disease or multiple prior sinus surgeries, image guided surgery uses a patient’s CT scan as a roadmap for surgical intervention.  This allows for the precise location of underlying surgical landmarks to perform a safe, effective procedure.