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Dupixent Injection

Dupixent®(dupilumab), is an FDA approved biologic injection medication that acts as an inhibitor of interleukin-4 (IL-4) and interleukin-13 (IL-13), which are key drivers in the inflammatory response that causes nasal polyps to develop. This medication is primarily utilized on patients that have undergone prior surgeries yet have had their polyps recur, or on patients that have nasal polyps not responsive to various medications.

Dupixent® therapy is currently approved by various insurance companies provided patients have clinical evidence of Chronic Sinusitis with Nasal Polyps, evidence of disease on nasal endoscopy or CT scan of the sinuses, and the patient has been unable to obtain relief of polyps despite various medications and/or surgery.

Dupixent® is in the form of an injection offered every other week. It is highly effective in reducing nasal polyps and reducing the need for multiple surgeries and steroids.

If you would like to learn more about Dupixent® injection therapy, feel free to contact us for further assessment and treatment.