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CT Scan

The diagnosis of Sleep and Sinus disorders often requires the use of Computed Tomography(CT) Scans to further understand the anatomic abnormalities that cause a patient’s symptoms. Often times this requires a separate visit to an outpatient facility to perform such testing.

At GNO Snoring and Sinus, we are proud to be the first ENT practice in the area with an in-office CT Scanner. This allows us to provide high resolution imaging of a patient’s sinus, middle ear, and airway structures in order to arrive at an accurate diagnosis of their sleep and sinus disorders. Furthermore, our facility has also been awarded CT Sinus accreditation by the Intersocietal Accreditation Commission, reflecting our adherence to nationally accepted guidelines and standards for operating a CT scan machine.

As a result of bringing this technology in house, patients are now able to fully complete their diagnostic workup in one office visit. The most obvious benefits you will experience—thanks to our new technology—are increased convenience and comfort. Because scans are performed in-house, you no longer have to schedule a separate visit to the hospital radiology department or an imaging center. This, in turn, can also reduce your number of office visits and out of pocket costs.

Furthermore, thanks to its open design, patients find scans performed on our CT Scanner more comfortable than conventional CT exams. The unit also allows patients to stand, sit, or remain in their wheelchair during the exam.   For our out of town patients, this technology provides a significant advantage as they are able to complete their entire diagnostic workup in one visit, preventing them from having to schedule further testing at other facilities in their hometown.

Benefits of the CS 9300 CT Scanner include:

  • High-resolution CT scans available immediately: our doctors can view anatomical structures with unprecedented detail
  • Less radiation: patient health and safety is our practice’s greatest concern
  • Comfortable positioning: the system’s open design makes exams more comfortable
  • Patient convenience: our practice can perform CT scans in house, saving you valuable time and resources.

If you feel you suffer from sleep and sinus disorders and are interested in comprehensive diagnosis and treatment, feel free to contact us to schedule an appointment, or you may call us at 504.309.8615.