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Hybrid Sinus Surgery

Patients suffering from chronic sinusitis with minimal ethmoid polyp disease not responsive to medications may benefit from a unique combination of balloon sinuplasty and sinus surgery techniques. This is called Hybrid Sinus Surgery.

There are four sinuses on each side of the face. The maxillary, frontal, and sphenoid sinus are treatable with balloon sinuplasty. The ethmoid sinus is only treatable with traditional sinus surgery through a procedure called an ethmoidectomy. In many cases, patients have sinus disease at all four sinuses. In order to effectively treat those patients that have failed medication and have disease at all four sinuses, a Hybrid Sinus Surgery is performed. This involves using balloon sinuplasty on the maxillary, frontal, and sphenoid sinuses; and sinus surgery on the ethmoid sinus.

This allows patients to experience treatment in the convenience of our office without having to undergo general anesthesia.

The entire procedure is performed through the nose using cameras and special instrumentation; therefore, the patient does not have any visible incisions or bruising after the procedure.

The recovery time after Hybrid Sinus Surgery is minimal. Many patients can return to work in a few days. Patients are routinely seen 1 week after their procedure to assess their post-operative state.

No packing is used after the procedure in order to maximize patient comfort.

If you would like to learn more about Hybrid Sinus Surgery, feel free to contact us for further assessment and treatment.