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Base of Tongue Reduction

The base of the tongue can contribute to snoring as well. This occurs when patients lay on their back and airflow rapidly moves past the base of tongue. This “pulls” the tongue and causes it to vibrate against the back wall of the throat, producing a very characteristic sound. It is not rhythmic, but rather quite aggressive sounding and can give the impression of choking to an observer. This type of snore often precedes obstructive events, like those in sleep apnea.
Base of tongue reduction utilizes radiofrequency technology to increase the stiffness of base of tongue and reduce its vibration against the back wall of the throat – decreasing the snore.

This is performed under local anesthesia. A probe is inserted into multiple points at the base of tongue and radiofrequency energy is delivered. This causes the tissue to scar, decreasing the tendency for this tissue to contribute to the sound of snoring.