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Stacy’s Chronic Sinusitis Treatment at GNO Snoring & Sinus

Stacy talks about her experience finding sinusitis relief at GNO Snoring & Sinus. To learn more about your treatment options for chronic sinusitis, call us today at 504-309-8615 or visit our office at 4224 Houma Blvd #205, Metairie, LA.

“I’m Stacy. I’m a season sinus sufferer with very low breathing capacity. I found Dr. Anand as I was going through the process of trying various over-the-counter medications, and just nothing worked for me. I was losing my voice every 30 days due to sinusitis or a post-nasal drip, etc. I called Dr. Anand. He put me on a daily medicine regiment, and now I feel great. When I met Dr. Anand, I decided to select him as my physician because he was caring. His bedside manner was great. It was as if he was taking care of a family member, and so that was all it took. I tell people he’s my boyfriend.”

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