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Balloon Sinuplasty: Jonathan’s Sinusitis Treatment at GNO Snoring & Sinus

Watch as Jonathan discusses how he overcame his sinusitis through balloon sinuplasty treatments with Dr. Anand at GNO Snoring & Sinus. For effective relief from your sinus disorders, visit our office at 4224 Houma Blvd #205, Metairie, LA, or call us today at 504-309-8615.

“My name’s Jon Hendrickson, and for years I was struggling with headaches, loss of hearing, sinus pressure, and really struggling to breathe through my nose. I’m a paramedic, and my job necessitates that I deal with the public on a daily basis; and I really have to have all my senses to be able to treat my patient and give them the best quality care they can have, so I really, really needed to have something done. I called Dr. Anand. I met him. From the very first time I met him, he just seemed like a warm, genuine guy who really cared about his patients and really took the time to listen to my problems and the issues I was having. And I left his office that first time really feeling like he understood me and he knew what was going on, and we had a treatment of action to take care of my problem. Initially, we had–I guess it would be called the FESS procedure in the hospital, where he went in and cut out a lot of my nasal polyps that I was having in my sinuses. A couple of years later, we did a little cleanup procedure in his office. I had lost touch with him and been off my regimen for a while, and he got me back on track, and since then, I’ve been able to breathe better–no headaches, no problems at all. It’s been great. Dr. Anand he’s just an incredible, credible guy–caring, genuine, really, really cares for his patients, and I like that.”

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