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Dupixent Injection Therapy at GNO Snoring & Sinus

ENT specialist Dr. Anand explains how Dupixent injection therapy significantly improved a patient’s chronic sinusitis symptoms. For more info, call GNO Snoring & Sinus at 504-309-8615 or visit us at 4224 Houma Blvd #205, Metairie, LA.

“Hi, it’s Dewandalin from GNO Snoring & Sinus. Thanks for tuning in. Enjoy the following video. This is a CT scan of the sinuses of a patient who is suffering with chronic sinusitis with nasal polyps. You can see this entire area is gray on the righthand side and on the lefthand side as well. This is significant for significant nasal polyp disease and a setting of chronic sinusitis. You can see fluid in the right cheek sinus as well. This is a CT scan, which diagnoses this disease properly and, as a result of this, the patient will be started on Dupixent injection therapy. This patient has undergone treatment with steroids and internasal steroid sprays with no evidence of any relief, and as a result, she is an ideal candidate for Dupixent injection therapy. This is that same patient approximately seven months after Dupixent therapy. You can see a significant improvement on the righthand side and the region of the cheek sinus, as well as the ethmoid sinus here. There is still some residual blockage on the lefthand side as well, but this is a significant improvement from before. Seven months earlier when the patient had not started Dupixent therapy, there’s obvious clearance on the sinus passageways on the right and on the lefthand side, showing once again that appropriate diagnosis and treatment with the appropriate medical intervention can significantly improve a patient’s symptoms.”

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