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Those with ENT issues look to Outpatient Treatments for Efficiency

Jan 23, 2016

The days of multiple visits to numerous doctors only resorting in a costly, ineffective surgery are over. With outpatient facilities like GNO Snoring & Sinus, there is a new approach to Ear, Nose, and Throat (ENT) treatments.

New Orleans City Business has cited this new approach as innovative with higher efficiency, less invasiveness, and lower cost. Dr. Anand at GNO snoring helped fuel the trend of outpatient treatments, stating there is more “value that is delivered in it.”

This value consists of various aspects. The first benefit of outpatient treatments is developing a relationship with one doctor, rather than visiting a primary care physician, having scans at another facility, and finally seeing an ENT specialist at third location. Dr. Arnand noted, “Everything occurs in that one visit, and that is where I think we are leaps and bounds ahead of everybody else.”

Efficiency is another advantage of outpatient services. Instead of having three co-pays at three different doctor’s offices, only one co-pay is required. Dr. Anand distinguished that this also means less time spent away from work and family with a procedure that is completed in one visit. The less invasive treatments allow minimal recovery time so the patient can go back to his or her everyday activities in significantly less time.

Perhaps one of the most valuable treatments GNO Snoring & Sinus provides is their balloon-sinus dilation. Before Anand brought this treatment to the New Orleans Region, those with chronic or recurrent sinus disease, sleep apnea, and snoring had to use a continuous positive airway pressure machine. Now, with balloon-sinus dilation, a balloon-catheter is inserted into the nose to enlarge the drainage ports, allowing the sinuses to flow more naturally.

For a full list of GNO Snoring & Sinus’s services visit https://gnosnoring.com/, patient reviews http://bit.ly/1T6hNSd or more info on GNO’s Facebook page http://on.fb.me/1JiZcjRM.